“We consider ourselves very fortunate that we have SES to look after our lives”

Scandinavian Historic Flight

Personal Equipment

Aircrew flight equipment

We have the facilities and experience to supply, repair and service civilian and military aircrew equipment assemblies of all kinds, with thousands of components and spare parts constantly in stock.

  • AEA
  • Helmets*
  • Oxygen Masks
  • Boom Microphones
  • Flying Clothing
  • Harnesses

At your service

Within our service centre there is an aircrew fitting area where equipment is surveyed and documented. SES also offer an on-site servicing facility to Police and Ambulance Units, private companies or individuals for helmet servicing and ancillary related equipment.

*We offer FREE helmet fitting to aircrew who purchase or have their helmets and oxygen masks serviced by SES Ltd. All equipment is fully tested and supplied complete with appropriate Certificate of Serviceability.